WHY IS MARK CURRAN RUNNING FOR U.S. SENATE in 2020 Against Democrat IL-Sen. Dick Durbin?                                              Campaign Press    


Curran is the Candidate for the Middle Class
Mark Curran is running to represent the ignored middle class taxpayers in Illinois

“I’m Mark Curran and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 because our faith, our freedoms and our values are under assault from establishment elites including political dinosaur IL- D Sen Dick Durbin, who once said he believes the Constitution is ‘fatally flawed.’  Yet, when Term Limits legislation was on the table in 2012 Durbin refused to support Term Limits, saying it was ‘unconstitutional.’ The constitution is his rag doll.

I am running because America is worth fighting for. I have made a career in law and order spanning decades and my focus was always keeping Americans safe and upholding the Constitution. I made it my life mission to fight for the middle class and the disenfranchised. I will be a strong voice for faith, family & freedom and fighting for those dealing with poverty in our country by lifting them out through education and job opportunities they may find currently unattainable. I think everyone has the right to live freely, be safe and have opportunities. We Americans should be encouraging one another to aim to be a contributing asset to our country.”

– Mark Curran, former Sheriff of Lake County and IL-R for U.S. Senate in 2020

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Endorsed by the Daily Herald Editorial Board in the 2020 Primary
Endorsed by the Chicago Sun Times Editorial Board in the 2020 Primary

IL-Senator Dick Durbin Refused to Sign Legislation for Term Limits


MARK CURRAN backs the blue!  


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