Illinois Republican Sheriff Mark Curran announces candidacy for US Senate

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS — Former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for United States Senate in an effort to unseat 38 year incumbent Dick Durbin. Curran announced his candidacy as Republicans from all over Illinois gathered at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, Illinois to celebrate Republican Day.

“Dick Durbin is part of the status quo that has led our great country and our hard working families to the brink of bankruptcy due to record federal government spending, record federal government borrowing and record federal government debt with no end in sight. We can’t change Washington until we change the people in Washington, so I say that we need to enforce our own term limits,” said Curran. “Anyone who has been in Washington DC for more than 12 years needs to be sent home. If they haven’t solved our major problems in 12 years, that means they are part of the problem — and Dick Durbin has been receiving government paychecks for over 50 years with 38 of those years spent in Congress by the end of his current term.”

Prior to his service as the elected Lake County Sheriff from 2006 through 2018, Mark Curran served as a Senior Prosecutor with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office, as a Special Assistant United States Attorney and as a Deputy Illinois Attorney General designated as the Gang Crime Bureau Chief.

“Given the current toxic partisan climate of both government and politics in the United States, many people I spoke to about my intentions asked me ‘Why on earth would you put yourself through that ?’ The answer is simple. It is because our Federal government is a gridlocked cesspool of career politicians controlled by special interests that I felt the need to be part of the solution,” Curran said. “We keep returning these career politicians to Washington DC who have no vision of a better America. Their only interest is to tinker around the edges of fundamental major problems so that they appear to be doing just enough to get them past their next election.
In the last 38 years, do you think the Federal government has become more efficient and fiscally responsible — or worse?”.

Curran emphasized that Dick Durbin has served longer in Congress than any other member of the U.S. Senate Democratic leadership team.