Illinois Family Action PAC endorses Mark Curran for US Senate in the March 17th primary

Written by David E. Smith

Early voting has already begun for the March 17th primary election. We hope and pray that Christian voters in Illinois will come out in droves to cast their ballots to support pro-life, pro-family candidates. Prior to going to the polls, make sure you know where your candidates stand on issues important to people of faith by checking out IFI’s voting resources.

Illinois Family Action is today announcing its list of “endorsed”candidates. At the top of the ticket is the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. We are delighted to endorse Mark Curran, a strong supporter of traditional marriage, an advocate for the sanctity of life with no exceptions, and a strong defender of religious liberty.

In November, the Republican nominee will face the number two Democrat in the U.S. Senate, Dick Durbin. Durbin must go. He has served in Congress for 37 interminable years, and Illinois now ranks at the bottom of the barrel of states on virtually every measure. Durbin is so extreme that he has said that membership in the Democratic Party requires support for abortion. Even worse, he opposes medical care for babies who survive abortion.

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